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Electric Car Repair In Alexandria, VA

Electric cars are extremely popular for their dependability, advanced technology, quick acceleration, low carbon footprint, and cost saving benefits such as fuel savings and federal and local state tax credits. Most electric cars are powered by a battery, which stores and collects electricity while it is plugged in. The batteries then power electric motors that propel the vehicle. Electric cars are getting increasingly popular for its rapid development in technology, design, and efficiency. Whether you are driving the streets of Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria West, Virginia, Franconia, Virginia, or beyond, there is a high chance that you will see an electric car. 


Electric cars today:

More and more car makers are offering electric cars in their model lineup. Some car makers like Tesla only offer electric cars, while others such as Nissan offer one electric car. Here are some of the most popular electric cars today:


Your Reliable Shop for Electric Car Repair

It is always better to bring your vehicle in as soon as a problem occurs rather than wait for the issue to get worse. When the time comes to bring your electric car in for a service, look no further than Van Dorn Auto Repair in Alexandria. We've been servicing cars since 2019 and offer a cost-effective and efficient service for your vehicle. Our highly skilled technicians will assess the make, model and year of your vehicle and have the best recommendation with the type of service needed for your car. We pride ourselves in our shop's transparency with our services, and we will never recommend something that is not absolutely necessary for your vehicle. Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:

If you are in the 22304 area, bring your car to Van Dorn Auto Repair today. Schedule an appointment with us online at or give us a call at 703-751-1499. Van Dorn Auto Repair - We want you for life not for a visit.


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