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A/C Recharge Service In Alexandria, VA

Getting your air conditioning system recharged is a simple service that our technicians can take care of. Your air conditioner is a vital component in providing cold air in the cabin of your vehicle. During the hot summer days in Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria West, Virginia, Franconia, Virginia, Lincolnia, Virginia, and beyond, your vehicle’s air conditioner makes driving in warmer weather much easier. 

When getting your A/C recharged, the old refrigerant is replaced with a new refrigerant. By doing this, the A/C system will continue to distribute cold air and maintain a comfortable temperature. The car air will be kept cool for your comfort.

Your Quality Shop in Alexandria

Many drivers depend heavily on their air conditioning to get around comfortably. When you notice the air conditioner not working properly, come in to Van Dorn Auto Repair in Alexandria, where our technicians can take a look for you.

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